Buying The Right Bedroom Dresser

Posted on Dec 9 2010 - 6:31pm by designtrends

Buying The Right Bedroom Dresser. There is nothing more important to the organization of your house than a good bedroom dresser. Getting a chest of drawers that you are really happy with can make your mornings, when you rise to get dressed and to face the day, so much more satisfying than they would otherwise be, and that is no lie. A chest of drawers is really one of the most under appreciated, but most important parts of any bedroom set. Although it is not as important as your bed, it certainly is a good bit more crucial than your bedside table, or even your lamp. You can get by with a second rate lamp, but with a second rate chest of drawers, you will be totally scattered and out of luck, and that is a fact. You will not know where your clothes are, or maybe not have enough room to put away every thing that you have, which will lead to chaos in the bedroom. And if you do not find where you sleep to be a soothing and comfortable environment, it might even make it harder to get your needed 8 hours of rest every night. It is clear that a chest of drawers effects every aspect of your life at home.

This is why getting the best chest of drawers that you can is so important. The problem is, however, that there are just simply so many different styles to choose from, and having all of those choices can make it a real pain to finally settle on just one or another for good. I have always liked a good heavy cedar chest. Although this kind of chest of drawers can take up a lot more space than most wardrobes, it does have some advantages. The most important of these is the fact that it is made of a really nice fragrant wood. This will have the effect of always making your clothes smell delicious and fresh. If you are like me, and take a while to wash your clothes, I would highly recommend a cedar chest of drawers to keep them smelling fresh for several uses. Why waste time and water, when putting your dirty clothes back in your fragrant chest of drawers can have the same effect almost instantly? If you ask me, there is no reason to wash clothes more than once a month! And that is at the most.