2011 Design Trends and Trends for the Home

Posted on Dec 16 2010 - 11:28am by designtrends

2011 Design Trends and Trends for the Home. As we enter into 2011 many might be planning to spruce up their home with new color palettes, new fixtures, and new textures for the year. With this in mind there are many different trends which you can apply to your own style to create the most comfortable and stylish designs for your home. Look below to see some of the top trends for 2011.

– Exotic and Bright Accents- One trend that one can use an any home is the use of decoration with exotic pieces and bright colors. Adding exotic pieces is an easy way to add something unique to your home, and these days you don;t have to travel to find something exotic. Some of the top retailers are selling pieces that can be found all over the world and don’t forget you can always grab some steals at your local flea market.

– Wallpaper- even though many might still frown at the idea wall paper is making a strong comeback. It’s an easy way to brighten the room and it has more details than plain paint.

– Add Trimming To Plain Objects – By adding a trim to everyday items such as pillows, lampshades, and ottomans you’re instantly adding a polished look to plain pieces. You can purchase the trim yourself or select items in the store that simply have a trim going around the design of the item.

– Themed Rooms– This year if you’re designs a new room try to choose a theme and play off of that theme throughout the entire room. If you like an exotic feel go with pieces that have a Moroccan feel , or simply design a room based off some of your favorite items. Whatever the case may be select a theme and stick with it.

Natural accents- we all know that being ecofriendly as definitely in style so why not design a room that features natural elements. You can use items such as a tree stump table or a bamboo rug. Decorate your home with natural elements is a great way to bring an earthy feel to your home.

Other Trends You Can Use for 2011

–  Cool neutrals and muted hues from icy grays to chocolate browns to bright reds, fuchsia purples and sapphire blues will be reflected in paints and fabrics.

– Custom Cabinets

– More Windows Featured in the Home

– Luxurious Beds

Colored Painted Ceilings

-Columns Used to Mark Entrances in a Room

2011 design trends for the home

2011 design trends

design trends

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