2011 Outdoor, Backyard, and Outside Funiture and Decorating Design Ideas

Posted on May 20 2011 - 4:14pm by designtrends

2011 Outdoor, Backyard, and Outside Furniture and Decorating Design Ideas. Summer is the perfect time to invite over your friends and family for some backyard fun, so why wouldn’t you want to decorate with the latest trends. There are many fun design ideas you can play around with for 2011 with the most popular being natural materials such as wood, or bamboo materials. Choose furniture that features or brings a feel of a natural element. Comfortable furniture can easily be created with the look of indoor fabrics. Use bright colors this season such as orange, and fuchsia’s to brighten your overall patio look. Making your patio area very comfortable with a slight indoor feel and bringing it outside is a huge trend for 2011 and it can easily be created with throws, picture frames, and pillows for a accessible easily look. For more ideas you can use look below for inspiration.

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