Christmas Tree Designs and Decor Ideas for 2010

Posted on Nov 8 2010 - 5:34pm by designtrends

Christmas Tree Designs and Decor Ideas for 2010. Top Trends to use for your Holiday Christmas tree for 2010. This year is all about decorating with big bold ornaments. In the past few years we’ve been seeing smaller ornaments on our Christmas trees but big is once again better for 2010.  2010 is also focusing more on using different color palettes. Traditionally for Christmas we see hues of reds, greens, and whites but for 2010 we’ll also be seeing different colored ornaments such as blues, purples, and pinks. Along with using color palettes for our ornaments we can also use them for our tree. Colored Christmas trees are a favorite for many this year seen in hues of whites, pinks, and reds. When decorating a colored tree use less ornaments and play up your trees pretty color with basic white crystal lighting and light colored ornaments.

Pre-lit trees are still a must have for the holiday season since many like the ease of setting up the tree. Other trends in tree decorating for 2010 include adding white garden roses to the tree for a nice floral feel, shiny and glittery ornaments, ribbons pieces, adding natural elements such as leaves and pine-cones, and animal shaped ornaments. Look below for ideas you can use for your Christmas Tree.

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