Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Posted on Feb 4 2011 - 4:01pm by designtrends
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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas. Whether you’re choosing to decorate your bedroom full of romance for one special night, or for a place for you and your mate to unwind every night it’s the perfect way to strike up romance. Romantic bedrooms are guaranteed to keep everyone in the mood, and they’re easier to create then you think. One of the biggest rules in creating a romantic bedroom is that no electronics can be featured in the room. It’s no secret that electronics can instantly kill romance, so in order to create the right setting there should be no tv, no phones, and no interruptions.

Color can also play a huge rule in creating romance. Red has always been a color to create passion, so featuring this color throughout the room is prefect for creating the right setting. Red curtains, red sheets, and even red lamp shades are perfect for a romantic bedroom. If you and your mate are planning to have a romantic evening for just one night, grab a sheer red curtain and drape it over your lighting to create a red dimmed lighted room. Also be sure to feature plenty of candles and rose petals throughout the bed and the floor. Look below for ideas you can use for your romantic bedroom.

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