Tips For Decorating A Small Bathroom and How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Posted on Feb 14 2010 - 3:44pm by designtrends

Tips For Decorating A Small Bathroom and How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger. Decorating a small bathroom is not your Mission Impossible. A small bathroom decorating project can be inexpensive, relatively quick and lots of fun. With the high cost of building materials and construction, modern homes are downsized versions of turn-of-the-century Victorians and old Plantation mansions. Rooms are getting smaller, and this includes the bathroom. Today’s home decorator often needs plenty of ideas to maximize the look and functionality of a small bathroom.

To get yourself focused, here are some of the primary objectives of the small bathroom make over.

Use design features and optical illusion techniques to make the small bathroom appear larger, without sacrificing style. A narrow bathroom will look wider with walls painted in light shades. Mirrors are a boon to the small bathroom. Strategically placed, a mirror can double the size visually. Mirrors on facing walls can increase the illusion. Lighting is another important tool. Track and other directional lighting contributes to ambiance while reducing shadows in corners. Window treatments of lightweight fabrics create a light airy look which serves to visually open the space. Windows not visible from the outside to general public view may use a simple fish tail valance, thus letting in even more light. Wooden white louvers or levelors allow light through when your window faces your neighbor or the street.

Look for unused space. It’s always there but often overlooked. Multi- functional use of space can really open up that small space. For example,many older homes have the water heater sitting there big as you please, unattractive and hiding a lot of wasted space. Typically tucked into the corner closest to the water line, you can kill two birds with one stone. A simple plywood cabinet can be built around the water heater, incorporating corner shelves above the water heater to hold towels. If the uppermost shelf is too high to reach easily, use the space to showcase a display of dried flowers in a pretty vase. Upper shelves may also be used for little used toiletries, or medicines you don’t want to keep away from children.

Other techniques used to maximize functional and visual space include organizational tricks. Brass towel ladders look great against light walls and give you all the space you need for towels and washcloths while taking up little space. Above-toilet space is often a blank expanse of unused wall space. A rattan or wicker etagere, hung above the toilet can hold toilet paper, shampoos and commonly used items like lotions or razors. These handy shelves can also hold trailing plants, using no floorspace but adding interest and style.

For the last word on small bathroom projects, limit decorations to larger pieces with impact. A single wall hanging will contribute more to overall style than a big collection of knick-knacks. Avoid clutter.

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