Christmas and Holiday Decor for 2010

Posted on Nov 4 2010 - 3:23pm by designtrends

Christmas and Holiday Decor for 2010. Outdoor and indoor decorating ideas you can use to spruce up your home for the holidays. One of the biggest trends we’ll still be seeing for 2010 is themed decor. From a Victorian style Christmas themes to even Charlie Brown, choose items that reflect those ideas and you’ve created the perfect Christmas decor. Decorate your home with traditional earth elements such as pine cones, twigs, mistletoe’s and wreathes. These items can be used outside and inside the home. You can also  use scented candles and aromas to make your home smell like the holiday season.

For 2010 colors is going beyond basic hues of reds, greens, and whites so don’t be afraid to step outside traditional hues and expand with colors such as golds, silvers, pinks, and purples. If you choose to decorate with a new color be sure your color palette is done with good taste and still reflects the holiday season. For the perfect holiday home decorate your whole house with Christmas themed decor, this can include new pillows on the couch, towels in the bathroom and even a new Christmas rug for the kitchen. For more holiday decor ideas look below to create your perfect 2010 Holiday look.

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